Our Products

Our Products

coconut Items


Nature’s tropical delight, packed with hydrating goodness.

Coconut Flakes

Perfectly shredded flakes for a touch of tropical flavour in every bite.

Coconut Powder

A fine, nutrient-rich powder ideal for baking and cooking.

Handicraft Products with Coconut Shell

Beautifully crafted, eco-friendly art from coconut shells.


Green Cardamom

Aromatic pods that infuse dishes with a sweet, spicy essence.

Red Chilly

Golden root renowned for its vibrant Colour and health benefits.


Bold and spicy, perfect for adding a fiery kick to any dish.

Red Chilly Powder

Ground spice that brings intense heat and rich flavour.

Turmeric Powder

Versatile golden powder with potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Black Pepper Powder

Classic spice with a sharp, pungent flavour to elevate any recipe

Dry Fruits


Creamy and rich, ideal for snacking or cooking.


Crunchy and nutrient-dense, perfect for snacking or baking.


Naturally sweet, perfect for adding a burst of flavour to any dish


Sweet and tangy, a delicious and healthy dried fruit.


Banana chips

Crispy and sweet, a delightful tropical snack

Jack fruit chips

Unique and crunchy, offering an exotic flavour twist.

Potato chips

Classic and crispy, the ultimate savory snack

Sea foods


Tender and flavourful, perfect for seafood lovers.


Juicy and succulent, a versatile seafood delight.


Rich and tender, a gourmet seafood experience.

Cuttle fish

Delicate and flavourful, a true ocean delicacy.


Coconut Shell Bowls & Cups

Eco-friendly and stylish, made from natural coconut shells.

Bamboo Bowls & Cups

Sustainable and elegant, crafted from bamboo.

Bamboo Paintings

Artistic expressions on eco-friendly bamboo canvas.

Bamboo Bags

Chic and sustainable, perfect for eco-conscious fashion

Pot Paintings

Vibrant and unique, each piece tells a story.

Mandala Dot Paintings

Intricate and mesmerizing, capturing the essence of mindfulness.